Crunchydata PostgreSQL deployment on GKE step-by-step 2

Once you have crunchydata postgres-operator installed (as described in it is time to configure a new database cluster.First of all you need to setup a pgo client. let's open your "cloud shell" for your new cluster (cluster-3 in my case). It is easy to do from Kubernetes Engine/Clusters page as show below In your … Continue reading Crunchydata PostgreSQL deployment on GKE step-by-step 2

Crunchydata PostgreSQL deployment on GKE step-by-step

This post is all about quite interesting open source project providing PostgreSQL database as managed service. Crunchy data offering exists on GCP (Google Public Cloud) and here I will describe how to set it up step by step from 1st time user perspective. First of all Crunchydata is a part(or partner) of Google Marketplace … Continue reading Crunchydata PostgreSQL deployment on GKE step-by-step

Session stats locations summary

Here I am publishing a location of pointer to session stats array (as offset from session address - v$session.saddr) for various Oracle versions: Oracle versionOffset of session stats pointerSome gdb command example 12.10x628 watch *(*(0x000000006AFD7830+0x628) +8*108) 12.2c0x820 watch *(*(0x000000006AFD7830+0x820) +8*108) 18.3c0x848 watch *(*(0x000000006AFD7830+0x848) +8*108) 19.30x7f8 watch *(*(0x000000006AFD7830+0x7f8) +8*108)  Those examples above show how to use … Continue reading Session stats locations summary

Cursors related parameters

1367 557 _row_cache_cursors 20 number of cached cursors for row cache management 1394 572 _cursor_features_enabled 2 Shared cursor features enabled bits. 1397 575 _cursor_stats_bucket 15 Hash table buckets for cursor stats (2^). 1398 576 _cursor_stats_heap 4 Heaps/latches for cursor stats. 1459 5B3 _fast_cursor_reexecute FALSE use more memory in order to get faster execution 1460 5B4 … Continue reading Cursors related parameters

Dynamic sampling summary

In this post I'm going to summarize issues and strange behavior I've mentioned in my previous 2 posts: Oracle 11.2 Oracle 12.2 Empty stats Wrong stats Empty stats Wrong stats A single DYNAMIC_SAMPLING(10) hint Correct Wrong result Correct Wrong result A single DYNAMIC_SAMPLING_EST_CDN hint Almost correct Wrong result Almost correct Wrong result DYNAMIC_SAMPLING(10) and DYNAMIC_SAMPLING_EST_CDN … Continue reading Dynamic sampling summary